Alice Audley

Founder and CEO at Blogosphere

Alice Audley, 31, is the Founder and CEO of Blogosphere. She set up the business in 2013, which started as a magazine to curate the online world, and has been at the helm as Blogosphere expanded into events, launched its podcast and built out its influencer network.

Alice has interviewed the likes of Zoe Sugg, Casey Neistat, Lorna Luxe, Dina Tokio, Fun For Louis and Lydia Millen in the magazine, and the likes of Ogilvy, Facebook, Edelman, Gleam, MediaCom and The7Stars in the podcast. Her relationships with both influencers and influencer marketers give her a unique perspective on the industry and where it’s heading.

Before Blogosphere, Alice worked on the features desk of the Daily Telegraph, where (among other articles) she wrote about being the first journalist to go flying with Carol Vorderman, got a Vampire Facial and went to a bondage masterclass to celebrate World Erotic Book Day.

Blogosphere Magazine

Blogosphere magazine is where it all started. Originally a 64-page directory, the magazine expanded to 164 pages filled with interviews, features and how-tos. It also now contains a 32-page events supplement all about Blogosphere and other brands' influencer events. The magazine has been called an 'influencer industry bible', it is a premium independent publishing product - think thick pages that smell great - and subscribers include brands, agencies and influencers.

Blogosphere Events

Blogosphere events started in 2016, and have scaled since then. The two flagship events are the Blogosphere Awards, where the best influencer talent and influencer brand campaigns are celebrated, and the Blogosphere Festival - a two-day educational event filled with exhibitions, panels and presentations.

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Blogosphere: Serious Influence Podcast

Blogosphere: Serious Influence is a podcast all about the business side of the influencer industry, which Alice hosts. Guests include influencers, influencer marketers and brands. The show aims to get to the bottom of budgets, strategies and where the industry is heading. Alice's interview style for the podcast has been described as 'formidable'.

Blogosphere Network

The Blogosphere Network is a due diligence platform for the influencer industry where brands and influencers can feedback on what it was actually like to work with each other on campaigns. Real qualitative data.

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Fundraising as a female founder

FFF is a podcast all about how to raise funds for your business as a woman.

With less than 1p in every pound of venture capital investment going to all-female founded companies, it’s time to start asking some hard questions about the fundraising landscape. On this podcast, I will speak to women who have either raised money, are raising money, are an angel, work in venture capital, work within companies investment teams… and will get their views, advice and lessons… about how to successfully raise funds as a female founder.

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