Alice’s Adventures in…India

This is my first Travelogue and documents my journey through India.

Though many books have been written about India, there are not many that are written from the perspective of a young traveller.

This is where Alice’s Adventures comes into play – a backpacker’s experiences (good & bad) of a country that is becoming more and more of a popular destination with the younger generation of traveller. It relays tales, it captures meetings & moments and it tells readers things that I wish I’d known…

From the Golden Temple of Amritsar, to Paragliding in Manali…

From a fly-by groping in Pondicherry, to trekking in Kerala…

From being blessed by an Elephant in Hampi, to being chased up Monkey Temple in Jaipur…

From the Palaces of Udaipur to the Red Light District of Kolkata…

The book is really filled with adventures.

69,000 words at last count – I hope to finish it by Christmas. Watch this space…


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