Comedian Daniel Sloss – The Show

With our heart rates just about back to a healthy resting rate (after the steamy erotic book club the night before), Jamie and I took to London town for yet another adventure.

As many of you might note by now, I am an aspiring writer – books, plays, short stories, articles – I love it all. Unfortunately, I am not a rare breed. Despite having a degree in English and a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism, despite even doing Shorthand classes on Wednesdays from 6 – 9pm – getting hired has proved nigh impossible.

The Journalism trade is changing out of recognition; the print media is on its way to extinction…apps, kindles, ipads are everywhere, news is everywhere – we’re always connected. Why pay someone to travel to Thailand, when you can just get someone who is already out there to write for you?

With this change comes a healthy dose of rejection. How many covering letters, applications and CVs can you send out, before the self-doubt starts to sink in – can you really write? Are you deluded? Are you the literary equivalent to the thousands of horrendous X Factor applicants – have you been praised by family and friends to the extent where your vision of what makes good writing has become so warped that you actually think that your ramblings are the stuff of Booker Prize awards?

These were where my thoughts were running away to last week. I was pretty miserable. The one thing that I had always wanted to do, the one thing that everyone had always said I would make it as – and there I was not making it.

It was at the end of my fifth melancholy hour that my gmail flashed up. An inbox message! Probably the Milkground graduate jobs or Gorkana – yes lets remind Alice how many jobs there are still left to be rejected from. But, it wasn’t. No, as I delicately clicked the mouse, to open what I presumed to be a ‘sorry but your application for the role of (too many to list) has been unsuccessful,’ I read the words that I’ve been waiting my whole life to read:

‘We would love you to write for us.’


So now, my friends, you aren’t just looking at The Editor of The Audley Chronicle – you are looking at Culture Writer for THE UPCOMING!

– Which brings me back to last night, the streets of London and Jamie (and another friend called Ben). We were on our way to my first review – that of 22-year old Scottish Comedian Daniel Sloss. So, I leave you here – I must get back to my notes, I have a deadline to meet – a real writers’ deadline!

I’ll post the link to the review later today. Until then, I leave you with some photos of the Sloss and supporting act Kai Humphries – taken after the gig.



Myself and Daniel Sloss (above)

Myself and Kai Humphries (below)


4 thoughts on “Comedian Daniel Sloss – The Show

  1. Thank you Linda! Yes, it has been a long and pretty soul destructing journey, but I have finally got somewhere! The review hasn’t been put up yet, but as soon as it does I’ll link it from here.

    How are things with you? Doing any writing? Xx

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