Halloween Begins…

New Years, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day & Father’s Day – all these commercial holidays, well I’m not a fan. It’s really just a way for Clinton Cards to mug off the masses with their vast amount of toot – that because everyone else buys – you to feel obliged to buy. You end up conforming – I mean after all, it’s easier to appease the girlfriend and purchase the oversized love-heart teddy bear than to face the wrath if you don’t, isn’t it?

This makes it all the more annoying – these consumer-created holidays, now they are so imprinted in our calendars, you land in such hot water if you don’t celebrate them,  that they have warped into becoming a ‘tradition.’

Halloween however, (well aside from the trick or treat – which is and will remain American – and English children should be banned from participating in) does actually have a real reason, a proper provenance and therefore has a good reason to acknowledge – feel free to go crazy at Clintons! Halloween celebrates the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows.

So, I had no problem accepting an invitation to (be it slightly early) a Halloween Lunch Party today at my good friend Elle’s abode. From a delicious stuffed chicken, to some perfectly roasted potatoes and a healthy dose of red wine, the party was a perfect way to celebrate the coming national (and rightly so) holiday.

What topped the brilliant day off was the ‘Morse Pumpkin Carving Competition.’ Taking on the men, in the short time period before the Chelsea v Manchester United match stole their ability or interest in communicating with women, I grappled with the squash, a kitchen knife and a teaspoon. After half an hour of fierce competition, we produced these:

Now, Elle had actually done an ‘Art Attack’ and made hers the night before, so she wasn’t allowed to be awarded the title of winner – though you’d probably vote (as I would) for hers. Yes, the one with the teeth on the far right.

However, as she was disqualified it was me and my masterpiece (if I so say so myself) that took the title, I was crowned winner of the Morse Pumpkin Carving Competition. Proud would be an understatement!

Reigning Victorious: Me and my Pumpkin

Looking forward to the next one Elle! And bring on the fireworks – yes, you can celebrate bonfire night (marking the anniversary of Guy Fawkes’s failed gunpowder plot of 1605) – and as we’re on the topic, feel free to celebrate Christmas and wee Jesus’s birth too.



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