A Tragic Writer in Florence: Part Two

A slither of misty air creeps between the oak panelling, it moves with an agility only the weightless can have. A beam of light breaks through the cloud and ricochets against a gold bracelet. The gushing of water sounds beneath me, I look over the edge and see it power against the stone foundations. I am on the Ponte Vecchio and I love Florence.

Though only on day three of my tragic getaway, I feel that I have been in Florence for weeks. The labyrinth of narrow back-streets, the quaint cafés and the whizzing vespers that shoot around have become normal. I feel settled.

My stay so far has also proved productive – by day I have edited 80 pages of the 170 page ‘Alice’s Adventures in…India’ and by night I have explored the Florentine lifestyle. Or at least a foreign student’s Florentine lifestyle – including the celebration of a birthday.

Livi’s birthday was on Wednesday and her housemate Laura treated us to a Spanish feast of tortilla, followed by an assortment of pungent cheeses fresh in from the Santa Croce Christmas market – all of which was accompanied with healthy doses of Vino Rossi. Perhaps too healthy…

A Swedish drinking game later, things had got slightly out of control. Livi was on flying form. A picture paints a thousand words, therefore by default – a video must paint even more. So instead of breaking down the evening’s shenanigans into delicately crafted sentences; rich with description and dialogue, I have decided to show you.

 Needless to say, yesterday she was feeling a bit worse for wear – so we embarked upon a mission to rectify her body’s sugar and salt levels – we went out for supper.

 The Second Supper (out)

IMG_0116 (2)

All set for a night on the town…

IMG_0164Olive Tapenade

IMG_0168Cherry Tomato Bruschetta

IMG_0172Gnocchi lathered in cheese & Truffle oil

IMG_0181The MAMMOTH Bistecca Fiorentina


Twenty minutes later

IMG_0191We washed it all down with two glasses of Amaretto and hauled our bloated bodies back…another fabulous meal out. Oh Florence, Florence, Florence!


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