A Tragic Writer in Florence: Part Three


Sitting around the table tucking into a home-made Carbonara, I didn’t notice what was happening in the far right of the room. In fact, it wasn’t until I licked the last of the sticky egg yolk from my fork and heard a ‘niiiicce,’ that I looked around and saw it. The sketch, the sketch that one of Livi’s friends had done of me.

I’d never been to an interactive art dinner party before. Livi and her friends sat around with pads in one hand and pencils in the other and practised their portraits. The dining room, a place that so far in my life I’d associated with food, had morphed into a creative hub – a land of artistic genius.


Sketch of me by Sara Chong

The following day after editing the penultimate section of my travelogue, I received a text message from Livi inviting asking me to meet for lunch. We met in the Santa Croce Christmas Market.


Filled with German sausage, Livi and her art academy contemporaries extended the arm of hospitality and asked me to join them at their studio later that afternoon. I accepted.

Esteemed as the best in the world, on entering the Florence Academy of Art I have never felt so inadequate. A humble building in need of a few roof fillings, the Florence Academy of Art’s exterior was nothing remarkable. The interior, however, the interior was spectacular.

Lining the walls were sketches, drawings and charcoals that caught me off guard they were so accurate. Delicate and intricate strokes of colour caressed the canvasses capturing the human body perfectly. Tutored in the Atelier style, the students of the Florence Academy are without doubt the next generation of masters in the art world.

Through to Livi’s section of the studio and again I was rendered mute. I knew she was talented, but I had no she was this talented…

DEAD GIRLLivi’s blog: www.paintandprosecco.blogspot.co.uk


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