A ‘wet’ January/Bistro de luxe

Yep, I’m afraid January’s wet, January has become very, very wet. In my defence – when offered to sample the cocktails and review the new bar-about town, what can you do?

That is exactly what I had to do last night. My magazine (The Upcoming) sent me to the depths of Mayfair, to the Marriott Hotel and to the three-week-old Luggage Room. 

Link to review (coming):

After sampling a fabulous array of ‘heritage-with-a-twist’ cocktails in this decadent establishment, I felt that the night needed to be rounded off in equal glamour. I needed a fantastic restaurant. With my phone battery dead and thus no internet connection, I felt slightly lost. Should I wander the streets until I found something that looked alright? I didn’t want to risk it, the evening had started off so well and I wanted it to end well too.

As my heels clipped along the pavement and my fingers began to feel the cold, my mind jogged and I suddenly remembered. Thrusting my hands into my bag, I pulled it out. The Tuesday 8th January edition of the Evening Standard. Flicking through, scanning the columns I found the extract that I was looking for – the same extract that had been in the Financial Times the day before – the extract from Phaidon Press’s new book: Where Chef’s Eat: A Guide to Chefs’ Favourite Restaurants.

Twenty minutes later I had met up with my dining companion and we found ourselves outside number 66 Baker Street at chef Omar Allibhoy’s recommendation:


(Galvin’s Bistro de Luxe)

And this is what awaited us:


Salad of endive, Roquefort and caramelised walnuts

SOUPSoup de poisson, rouille & gruyere

SEA BASSFillet of sea bream, caramelised endive, raisin and caper dressing

STEAK TARTARESteak tartare & toasted sourdough

SORBET SELECTIONPear, Mandarin & Blackberry sorbet with warm shortbread

Served by a young Indian man who was the most delightful waiter that I have ever come across, the service was impeccable, the food very good and the experience excellent. Categorised under the ‘Regular neighbourhood’ and described as “A proper Parisian Bistro” chef Omar Allibhoy got it right and I would not hesitate to trust his judgment again.

I will also definitely be buying the book – which you can order from Amazon here:


The Luggage Room & Bistro de Luxe = a very good Tuesday night, a very good Tuesday night indeed.


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