When Alice met Quentin…TARANTINO

Surreal. My first ever professional interview and it’s with Quentin Tarantino.

Last night at 6.25 pm the film industry’s greatest hero walked down the white carpet to the backdrop of screaming fans. Standing in the press pit, being jostled left and right and droned out by the cries of the journalist competition, I raised my voice in combat.

“Mr Tarantino! Mr Tarantino!”

And then he stopped, turned, smiled and walked towards me. ‘Jesus, I wasn’t expecting that,’ I panicked as he edged forwards. Quentin Tarantino, director extraordinaire, was standing centimetres from my face. ‘Shit.’

The questions that I’d prepared rushed around my head in a completely nonsensical fashion and even in the freezing conditions my hands started to get clammy. So what better to do, than to proffer it. And that’s what I did, while saying “Congratulations on the nominations,” I proffered my hand to Quentin Tarantino – and he shook it!

Perhaps a fragment of his creative genius passed through his hand for suddenly a question lit up from within.

“Quentin,” (yes first name terms) “in dealing with such a delicate subject matter what was your main priority when making this film?”

“Well, to do a good job making a good movie and also I wanted to actually, more than anything, take a 21st century audience and put them in America at the time of slavery and give them a sense of what is was like.”

And then he was ushered away by his PR, but that quote was mine! All mine!

They say start as you mean to go on…and securing interviews with Christoph Waltz, Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington this is exactly what I did.

The series of interviews can be found at:


The wonderful online magazine that I work for and which sends me to these amazing events.

In the meantime…here are some photos to whet the appetite!

IMG_0833Preparing the ‘white’ carpet

Django UnchainedChatting with Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx

KERRY 2 Kerry Washington

And finally… Mr Quentin Tarantino



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