Eat and then tweet – a social faux pas?

Josie Ensor’s article for The Telegraph hit a nerve; I realised that I am guilty of the ‘new social faux pas’ that is sweeping across Britain’s restaurants. My canon powershot sx230 and I are guilty, as guilty as they come, of food photography.

Ensor quotes Martin Burge, the head chef of the two Michelin-starred Dining Room, as saying: “The food bloggers who are there to review the meal for their own website are the worst.” And even more upsetting, Michel Roux Jr asserting: “Personally, I think it’s incredibly poor manners.”

Until now, I have never been accused of having poor manners and it hurts. I don’t want to be guilty of ‘spoiling the¬†ambiance’ of restaurants, or ruining the dining experience. But what to do? Pictures do paint a thousand words – and the majority of people aren’t willing to read a 1,000 word blog.

Be rude and keep the hits flowing, or be polite and have a dud of a blog?

It’s going to have to be:


The latter – I’m afraid I heart it too much.

A leopard can’t change it’s spots and – despite the embarrassment it may cause – nor can I.


Eddie hiding from the Telegraph’s awful truth.


One thought on “Eat and then tweet – a social faux pas?

  1. Interesting issue – I did get a bit embarrassed in Cibreo when you were taking photos of the spinach flan thing but then I got told off for trying to take a really quick and sneaky photo of the Melanzane Alla Parmigiana with my phone the other day! Candid cameras are the only option! Xxx

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