Bang with Friends


Would you? Wouldn’t you? Would they? Wouldn’t they? In 2013 there’s no need to wonder any longer, for staying true to our technological era, we have invented an app to solve our curiosity – to solve the predicament of whether the friends you would like to ‘bang’ would ‘bang’ you back. Who invented it and where’s the app? Who and where else would it be…

Yes, almost ten years since social network phenomenon Mark Zuckerburg created ‘facemash’ from his Harvard dorm room, his minions have returned to his roots with new facebook app ‘Bang with Friends.’ Though still working on the premise of a click for yes/a click for no, a decade in the industry has softened Zuckerburg and ratings are anonymous. Indeed, you will never know who passed you up and you will never know who is interested in you – unless you are interested in them too.

You and the friend that (for story’s sake) you have always secretly desired will know about eachother ONLY if there is a positive match. You will know if there is a positive correlation.

Zuckerburg has thrown us yet another curve ball; yes, now we can beat around the bush, but isn’t it the courting and not knowing that gives romance its allure?

Whatever your opinion, the app is here, the app has gone viral (gathering over 20,000 users in its first four days) and with Valentine’s Day looming around the corner perhaps this will prove the perfect cure for the dateless.


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