Canine kidnap on the rise

Recent news has illuminated the new form of kidnapping that is sweeping across the UK – dog-napping. According to the Doglost helpline the amount of dogs being stolen annually has doubled since 2011 and risen well into the thousands.  From Cocker Spaniels (the breed of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Lupo) and Labradors to German Shepherds, organised groups now hunting ‘working dogs’ and selling them on the black market. Only today on facebook, a friend posted a picture of a van that has been crawling the roads of Hertfordshire robbing homes of their precious pooches.

I’ve been a dog-owner for just five months, but even in that time I have formed a bond with my little man that is like nothing I’ve had before. A miniature wire-haired dachshund, Eddie may not be a working dog but with his looks, he is a robber’s dream. It may have been under half a year, but for me, Eddie is now synonymous with home. This is the thing, dognappers aren’t just stealing a dog, they’re stealing part of your home. And we must stop them.

Eddie wants to stay at his home. Don’t let criminals deprive households of their loved ones – we must pull together, we must fight. Down with dog-nappers.

Picking Eddie out…

ed 7


Eddie seems relaxed about the news…


Don’t take me…I like it here

ed 6What Pillow?


Put a stop to dog-napping:


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