Theatre Review: Siro-A at the Leicester Square Theatre


(Photo: Patrick Coyle)

London’s Leicester Square Theatre has been invaded by a futuristic force; a psychedelic, kaleidoscopic, technodelic force. London’s Leicester Square Theatre has been invaded by Siro-A.

Stylistically likened to The Blue Man Group, Japan’s Siro-A is an award-winning six man dance/mime team who seek to entertain a new generation – a multi-generational audience; and they succeeded. Fusing electric visuals with pumping beats, crafty choreography and clever comedy, Siro-A proved a sensual feast.

The distinction between human and modern interaction is made before the performance has even started. One of the team meanders through the front rows shaking hands with the audience, before retreating onto the stage and then filming the same people. Not only does this break the fourth wall and involve you in the action, but it also marks the change in how we socialise: gone are the days of human contact, in are the days of socialising behind the veil of technology.

This technological revolution is the driving force behind Siro-A’sperformance. The set is simple, stark and white, and the actors all have luminous white-painted faces. The scene can only be brought alive through technology – and technology they use. The audience is transported into a myriad of weird and wonderful sets, from nightclubs, to computer games, to Japan (and one of the performer’s homes). You never know where they are going to thrust you next, or how long they will let you stay there.

In just under an hour you are sucked into a technophile’s dreamland where reality, fantasy and endless possibility magically collide. Harvesting every emotion evoked by Siro-A’s performance would be nigh on impossible (unless of course there was a technology invented to record every second of feeling). The brain is overwhelmed with colour, movement, change and sound; though you don’t know what is happening and you can’t follow a plot, you do know that you are enjoying yourself.

Perfectly timed (any longer and the brain may just melt) and perfectly executed, with a sharp sense of humour, Siro-A is a futuristic phenomenon that is rightfully carving a following in the theatrical market. Get down to Leicester Square!

Verdict: ••••



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