Made in Italy

Sometimes you just have to surrender to the clutches of the King’s Road. Prejudices and stereotypes aside, the mile and a half stretch of tarmac does have an undeniable amount to offer. I speak of shops, galleries and – of course – restaurants. Last week I combined the latter two of this trio; art and food, or rather food and then art.

I was Parallax Art Fair bound with my aunt, cousin and mother, but rather than go there straight, we decided to make a night of it (we rarely all get together) and have a little dinner party beforehand.

Though I normally have my finger on the dining pulse (top-table emails), it was my cousin Alexandra who picked our foodie destination. After a phone call and a reservation, she led us to her choice and at approximately 5.59 p.m we found ourselves outside number 257 King’s road, SW3 5EL – at Made in Italy.

Welcomed gaily into the rustic establishment, we were then taken to our table on the first floor. This was actually rather disappointing as the hustle and bustle (atmosphere) of the place seemed to be more rife downstairs. We weren’t perturbed enough to warrant a move and settled into our seats. It had, like Bubbledogs and Bodo Schloss, that chalet feel. Indeed after sharing a bottle of red with my aunt, I felt that I was in the midst of a rather successful apres ski session.

That was at the end of the meal, let me take you back to the beginning. The exhibition started at 7.30 p.m, so we opted for just the one course each. I went for the goat’s cheese and asparagus salad, the others for pizzas. Just as the waiter moved off from the table, we suffered a severe bout of food envy as an antepasti beautiful enough to make vegetarians jealous swerved past us. Bugger.

“Next time,” piped my aunt. “Next time we’ll get one of those.”

I was glad she said this, not only because of the appetising look of the sliced meats, but also because we were having an absolute ball. It was the sisters and cousins catch up of dreams; conversation,  jokes, anecdotes and a magnificent amount of laughter.

Half-way through a particularly entertaining tale about a pompous woman who accidentally used her £500 white shirt as a napkin, our food arrived. Perfectly oozing, the goat’s cheese on top of my salad caused mutual delight (my mother shotgunned some of it). Then arrived the pizza, yes singular – the three pizzas had been merged together to create the most enormous pizza I have ever seen in my life – the ultimate cheesy extravaganza.

Need I say more:


I couldn’t even zoom out enough to capture it all!

And before I fall into a lactose-induced coma (just at the thought of it), here is a snap of the salad:

goatI will most certainly be heading back to Made in Italy to sample the rest of the menu and will, for the time being, keep any King’s Road prejudices to myself.

Food:*** Company: *****


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