Sun, sun, suuuuuuuuuuuuun

Where are you? Was Lynne Truss right – have we really sold all our sunshine to China? Or, has the earth rotated so that sunshine is banished from our isle?

Even when there is a slight glimmer of hope, a peak of a ray, it fades and we are thrust back into the depths of dismal weather decay. If it weren’t for the week in Austria, then I wouldn’t have seen the sun in 2013.

It’s hit me hard, perhaps because I missed the winter the year before (as in I wasn’t in England, not that I missed it like a long-lost friend), this long stretch of dire weather has affected me most grievously. I’m not a crier, but I find myself welling up every time I open the curtains to reveal yet another day of gloom.

My friend in Singapore, Flash, well the last 5 times that we’ve spoken on skype, I’ve cried. Not sobbed, but cried. Poor bloke, he just wants a catch up. Even now as I sit and type, the weather outside trundles along sullenly. It’s as if God is punishing us…or as Truss thinks, the government has sold us out.

Yesterday, things looked up. The sun picked up its droopy head and tried to say hello. My sister and I ran outside, and quickly back in – we had been duped – it was still cold. We wrapped up and set off again, with our four dogs in tow.

A mile on and the grey smog/fog/urgh this is a depressing blog, set in. Followed by sheet rain…and before you know it, I was crying again.


Cameron, Clegg – buy the sunshine back! We’ll pay taxes on it, we’ll take pay cuts, please just give us our sunshine back.



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