The Icon Balcony Bar, Leicester Square

Quentin Tarantino and Japanese futuristic force Siro-A had led me there before, but it was The Icon Balcony Bar that called me there again – to Leicester Square.

On Wednesday night, I was sent to review the bar’s 6th birthday relaunch party and its new ‘desert’ cocktail menu. Unable to attend the Novel Diner’s Sylvia Plath themed supper club the week before, Kenny (He who is tired of London) returned as my loyal +1 for this mixologists’ extravaganza.

alice and kenny

Here is what we tested:

salted caramel

Salted Caramel (Fresh pineapple chunks shaken with Makers Mark Bourbon and homemade caramel, served in a ice-chilled coupette and garnished with a salted caramel rim).


Apple Pie and Custard (Fresh apples shaken with vodka and pomme verte, layered with vanilla infused cream)


Jamaican Mule (Spiced rum infused with fresh ginger and vanilla. Charged with ginger beer) 


Elderflower Martini (Bison Grass Vodka stirred with elderflower and apple. Garnished with lemon oils and redcurrant)


Rose Petal Martini (Rose petal vodka stirred with gin and lychee, garnished with an edible flower)

IMG_1907Bramble (Bombay Sapphire with fresh lemon and crème de mure, churned over crushed ice)


Mojito (White Rum, Mint, Lime & Sugar)


Raspberry Mule (Crushed raspberries with vodka and fresh lime. Charged with ginger beer)


Earl Grey Fizz (Champagne infused with Earl Grey Tea)

Needless to say, we had a whale of a time! But stick to the original menu…we weren’t convinced by the desert cocktails.

Review to follow.


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