A healthy start to Easter…

Why do all Christian holidays revolve around food? Advent: Oh let’s fill a calendar with chocolate, Christmas: let’s stuff ourselves with turkey and all the trimmings, Easter: let’s gorge on pancakes lathered in syrup, hot cross buns (they have a cross on them after all)  and eggs – made of chocolate. It’s ridiculous.

Christianity and gluttony seem to go hand in hand, and here’s my personal evidence:

Number One) The ‘Creme Egg’ Brownie that was forced upon me last week – a practice before Easter hit.


Number Two) The Chocolate Fudge Cake coated in Lindt Bunnies and caramel eggs that met me when I returned home yesterday.

253675_10151402317254472_1831945192_nNumber Three) The pantry, which is hoarding an absurd amount of Easter eggs.

IMG_1960After being subjected to this extreme mount of cocoa everywhere I looked, I decided to fight back with something healthy and something savoury…

Well, I achieved the latter:


Fillet steak topped with grilled halloumi and mushrooms glazed in an Oyster Bay Sauvingnon blanc and blue cheese sauce

IMG_1935Oh lay off, I’m a Christian – this is what we do! And this was absolutely delicious, halloumi and steak work uber-well. I guess healthy eating will have to wait until Tuesday…


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