Frolicking in Frinton

Miranda Hart’s documentary on her comic idol John Eric Bartholomew took her to a seaside town in the heart of Lancashire – to Morecambe. Bartholomew, who at his peak, drew in audiences of 28 million,  named himself after his  hometown. Bartholomew was, of course, the brilliant Eric Morecambe of comic duo Morecambe and Wise.

After watching the documentary on Friday night, in addition to thinking about comedy duos and talking about Ant and Dec, the family thought about the seaside. Despite the fact that in England you are never more than 100 miles away from the sea, and only 56.9 miles set our family back from the shore, we hardly ever venture to the seaside.

So we decided to go and to spend Easter with the dogs playing in the nearest bit of the North Sea – Frinton. And would you believe it, the weather was on our side.


Mother and Claudia 

alice beach

Father, Alice and Claudia

claudia and father

 Claudia and Father

Followers, you may be wondering where the pictures of little Edward are. Don’t fear, I got plenty of the little rascal.

beach eddie

beach eddie 2


We had a fantastic day out, followed by a wonderful pub lunch on the way home. I highly recommend travelling under 100 miles and getting some sea air, you won’t regret it.

Happy Easter Day!



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