Jonathan Creek Returns!


I would like to be able to say: “You can take Jonathan Creek out of his windmill but you can’t take the windmill out of Jonathan Creek.” But it appears that even our lovable sleuth can be exorcised by oestrogen into conformity…

Three years have passed since we last saw the trench-coat-wearing genius, but last night Alan Davies’s most famous character was back in BBC One’s The Clue Of The Savant’s Thumb. A better title for which, would have been, Jonathan Creek Under The Thumb.

“But he went back and solved the case?” I hear those of you who watched the show argue. Yes, yes he did, but then he went back to his Mrs, their posh flat and his job working for her father. Remember? Oh it was sad – Jonathan Creek a finance worker in the city? No. Don’t take the scatty, tattily-dressed creative mastermind we adore and dress him in a suit and plonk him behind a desk. You get a sense of loss – rather like when your contemporaries, who had all the big ideas and plans at school, conform and lose their souls in mundane vocations in the City.

Anyhow, I must not forget that he did return, albeit not permanently, to his old ways. And joining the floppy-haired QI star, was ABFAB’s Joanna Lumley and Gavin and Stacey’s Sheridan Smith – the makings of a truly glorious episode. Sadly the makings didn’t make it.

The show didn’t fuse together well, the plot felt over-cooked; too many stories whose links to each other were rather tenuous. For instance,  a boarding school main plot, that shifted to a sub-plot, a religious plot laced with LSD that didn’t come to anything, and a conspiracy tape plot that resurfaced for a weak final explanation.

We did have the murder and disappearing body plot that we all love though, and this was done well. When you can’t find a logical explanation to solve the case (like you can in every episode of Death in Paradise), you’ve been served a good mystery – and everyone loves a good mystery.

Overall then? Nope still not sold. Some change, I accept is for the better, but changing Creek into a whipped weak man is a step too far. And no windmill, well that’s just a series suicide.

Verdict **

My review of Alan Davies’s stand up can be found here:


5 thoughts on “Jonathan Creek Returns!

  1. Hi Alice
    Couldnt agree wth you more, what on earth was David Renwick thinking?
    It was bad enough to turn him into an advertising execuive with an office that Gorden Gekko would have thought was over the top, but it gets even worse when we find out thatr he is married to a ghastly hooray Henrietta who talks to him as though he is a child, “When we met he was living in a windmill, and devising conjuring tricks” she chortles. It was a relief when she announced that she was “off to JFK”, its just a pity that she wasnt off full stop.
    Very disappointing afetr a three year absence, if that is the best he can do then its time to call it a day.

  2. I wholeheartedly concur! The Jonathan we know and love wouldn’t be so wet, and the wife, the wife – just NO! Renwick, should note the old idiom “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.”

  3. Hi Alice
    Affter recording The Clue Of The Savant`s Thumb on Easter Monday, i watched it again, and beleive me it is even worse the second time around.
    There is nio Adam Klaus, and without him Renwick struggles to fill out the 90 minutes and we end up with the dogs dinner of the last ten minutes with rouge MI6 agents attempting to murder everyone for no apparent reason.
    What i find particularly dissapointing is the way Renwick treats Jonathans past with so little respect. We have no explanation as to why he is no longer working for Adam, and the world of magic which has been his lifelong passion is treated as some traumatic episode from his past that he is trying to put behind him.
    I think we should start a campaign to convince Renwick to use whatever plot device he can come up with to “Get Jonathan back in the windmill.

  4. Exactly, his past was not a traumatic period – it was the best period. I’m happy to sign a petition, we need to unite and get Jonathan back in his rightful home – the WINDMILL!

  5. Hello Alice
    I know its been a while, I was just wondering if you caught the recent series of Jonathan Creek? After the 2013 special(which wasn’t special) I wasn’t expecting much, but somehow it was even worse than I imagined.
    Jonathan is still married to the wife(played by Sarah Alexander , who at one point says “sometimes I wonder why I ever married you”, we where wondering the same thing love. What makes it even worse is that there is no on screen chemistry between Davies and Alexander, and Davies as much as we like him just cannot pull it off , he is either Jonathan Creek or , some bloke with a wife.
    As you pointed out in your 2013 article the problem is not taking Jonathan Creek out of the windmill, its taking the windmill out of Jonathan Creek.
    All the best.

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