A new place for drinks in Sloane Square

When you work in Victoria and have a dinner party in Putney, but are meeting friends for drinks after the former and before the latter, it makes sense to meet at Sloane Square. Everyone knows where it is, you walk straight out of the tube to the square, rather than getting confused with the circle of options that meets you at South Ken. It’s got a lot of selling points.


This is what I decided on Friday night, when I was doing the aforementioned (drinks before dinner party) – I suggested going to Sloane Square. The problem was, I wasn’t the only one that had decided to go for drinks there. Oh no, what seemed like half of London had, had the same brain wave, and even arriving at 6 p.m, I was faced with a queue to rival Disneyland’s when trying to get into The Botanist. It was absolutely jammed, to the point where not only was getting a seat not a possibility, but the odds of getting a drink within half an hour were not worth a flutter.

Now not being able to get drinks, when going for drinks, obviously posed a problem, but a greater issue for me was the fact that even if we did manage to lure the barman into serving us, we would still be hovering by the bar, squished between the rest of London. When I go for drinks, I don’t want to hold my handbag, hold my drink, be pushed left and right by a jostling crowd, no, when I go for drinks,  I want to sit down, put my drink of a table and have room to gesticulate. So after battling to get into the Botanist, I turned promptly around and left.

I was the first there; I wanted to stay in Sloane Square near the tube (and the District line to Putney), hmmn, what should I do? Where could I go? I looked around and tried to rack my brain – where had I been around here – Barts, not that close and too spenny, the Duke of Wellington, no don’t fancy it. I turned and the red lights of the Royal Court Theatre caught my gaze, I’d reviewed The Low Road there a couple of weeks before…and I’d had a drink there, I’d had a drink in The Royal Court Theatre’s bar and restaurant. YES! A big room, with lots of tables and not over-priced – FABULOUS.

I went, there was a table, the other two met me and we had a jostle free catch up. So, if you are in the vicinity and want a drink without excess human company, head to The Royal Court Theatre Bar – a hidden gem of  space, in an overcrowded square.



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