The Artist


Since writing about my 21st birthday meal yesterday, I now can’t stop thinking about all things 21. I’m living in a three-year-old time warp; the celebratory past whirring around my grey matter joyfully. Le Manoir, Cirque de Soleil, a Nespresso coffee machine…and of course the party.

Perhaps it’s because my sister will be turning 21 in October – and now I realise that the next big party for me will be my 30th, or my wedding, no let’s be realistic my 30th – that I have fallen into the nostalgic vortex. Whatever the reason, it’s happened and all this morning I’ve been thinking of the 19th of June 2010 and my Out of Africa themed 21st bash. Or more specifically the dance floor of my Out of Africa themed 21st bash.

I like to think of myself as artistic – in a literary way, but when it comes to paint brush and canvas, well you’re not looking at a Monet, or a Rolf Harris. Oh no, painting, drawing, watercolours are above and beyond me, but though I can’t do it doesn’t mean that I don’t love art. So how to rectify this predicament? Well, I think subconsciously I’ve been working on it for years, for, when I think about it, the majority of my friends are incredibly art-artistic.

How does this relate to my 21st? Well, one of my friends used her skills to decorate the whole of the party, and this is where my mind has wandered to this morning; my friend Olivia Crane, artist extraordinaire…

After a bespoke 21st? Look no further!




The Dance Floor


If you think these are cool, then take a trip to her website:

You’re in for an absolute treat. But please don’t buy the Maasai Woman – I’ve been after it for years!


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