Tonight’s the night!


My first online date is just 7 3/4 hours away. After numerous postponements (on my behalf thank you), I’ll finally be meeting with the Doctor. I’m feeling okay about it all, nerves haven’t kicked in yet, but I am slightly worried about the fact that I don’t know his name. I have a feeling that it is James, but I’m just not sure, and the problem is, unless I upgrade on POF to see older messages (aka the one’s from the friend to him, which include said name), then I’m not going to.

I’ve signed off the last few Alice to try to coax him into signing off with his name, but he just hasn’t taken the bait. It’s not going to look particularly good is it? ‘Alice,’ he’ll say – and what will I do, ‘Hi?’ God this has the propensity to go horribly wrong. ‘Hi, I’m Alice and I go on dates with people from the internet without even knowing their name!’ – Well, it doesn’t look overly classy does it…

Maybe I’ll just go with James, I mean it’s quite a common name isn’t it? And if his name is Jack, or John, or Jim, or Josiah (okay that’s pushing it), I can just pretend that he misheard me. I’ll smile while mumbling the name, that will work. Well, that’s the only choice that I’ve got.

Oh dear, perhaps I am nervous.




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