Since starting at The Telegraph my eatery outings have rather dwindled. Pre-occupied with interviewing Eva Schloss, Barnes Wallis’s daughter, Caroline Quentin and Lord Carrington, my evenings have been spent with Dictaphone and laptop, not munching on the town’s latest gourmet offerings.

Hours and hours of transcribing sadly require remaining at the office, or at the make-shift office. Huddled over my PC, back aching, hands cramping, eyes straining, whacking out thousands and thousands of words – ah the bottom of the journalistic ladder! To think, I dreamed of this!

No, forgive the hyperbole. Even though the work is long, the clock never-ending, the words never finished, I love it. Every bit of transcription teaches something new, shines a little light on the lives of the extraordinary (bar Caroline Quentin) and leaves you feeling slightly more knowledgeable.

As for the food, well with Deliverance, the withdrawal from restaurants is appeased – almost. Deliverance is – shockingly – a delivery service that brings restaurant quality food (** restaurant quality food) to your door. One call to 0844 875 0400 (or a visit to their site) and 30 – 40 minutes later you can have anything from Thai Chicken Green Curry to a Hamburger on your plate.

Whatever you feel like, Deliverance caters for. And the brilliance of it is, if your friend feels like pizza and you feel like salad (or the other way around J), you don’t have to compromise. He can have a salad and you can have a pizza, I mean he can have the pizza and you can have the salad.

It’s not fine dining, but it does take the bitterness out of tucking into another bloomin’ cup a soup. There’s just no fun in cooking for yourself, who’s there to compliment it? £15 minimum order and you have a reasonable, at times good (Veg Spring Rolls), meal couriered to you – brilliant!

My order tonight? I said Deliverance appeases, not cures. I’ve finished my transcription early and am off to review Fish Market – a restaurant in Bishopsgate. A leopard can’t change its spots!


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