Bank Holiday is imminent. In an hour I’ll be packing my bag and heading up to Leicestershire to celebrate the weekend off in style; at the one and the only NOISILY FESTIVAL.
Whether you’re there for the whole weekend, or just get a day ticket, go you must.
Who better to sell it, than themselves, read away dear reader, read away:
First off, wrap your ears around this while you read, Atomic Drop will release their new album just in time for the beginning of the summer and are using Noisily to showcase it. This mix has four album exclusives and is pure bass madness.
If tear out is not quite your style, then fret not, we’ve got you covered – with exclusive mixes being dropped from techno heavy weight Electric Rescue and house maestro Dale Howard in the next few days, you’ll have your thirst for the gentler side of electronic music slaked in no time. Keep an eye on our Mixcloud page.
Visual splendor! 
The fantastic Melissa Greenwood has produced this masterpiece for us, a Where’s Wally-esqe landscape taking in all the elements of last years festival, this years planned features, music and more. All of the promoters involved, the organisers and the other key members of the team are in there somewhere. Have a search if you know any of us. Click on the image for a zoomed in version.

Boutique camping 

While Noisily is an eminently civilised place to be, there is one way to make your stay in our woods even more pleasant – glamping. Green Yurts were our provider last year and we fell for their beautiful hand made yurts. If you like the finer things in life then head over to their website here to book your space for the weekend. Or, if your pockets aren’t deep enough for one of these, why not hire a ‘Handsome Hardwood Gazebo’ from our friends at Fieldlounge and add a sense of community to you camp site.
On site
We’ve already spent a few weeks on site grooming it for your arrival. The new festival entrance and stage area have been cleared, and we’ve installed a new treehouse structure for you all to play in. The grass is growing and the site is blossoming in anticipation of your arrival.
Lighting plans have been finalised and we’re not going to be coy about this – you are going to be blown away. Lasers, LEDs, projections and Avatar grade glowing woodland.
New features are blossoming left right and center – Yeti in the Basement’s fur lined chill out yurt, a giant interactive electronic fishbowl and a thumb war boxing ring for you to get down and competitive in…
We’ve also partnered up with the exceptionally talented cabinet maker Oak Fraser. He will be making various pieces for us this year but I think that this one says it all – a solid Oak carving of the Noisily Logo. The Noisily team are in general agreement that it is one of the most beautiful objects we’ve ever seen, and I think you might agree.
We can not wait to show you all what we’ve been planning. Excitement doesn’t even come close!

Get your tickets here.

See you in the woods!
The Noisily Team x x

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