Baby 59

A hospital, a midwife, a bed, and perhaps even an epidural to ease things along; is what awaits most expectant mothers on their delivery day. Clean sheets, sterile forceps and a hair-netted doctor normally welcome our little wonders into the world. But, as baby 59 has shown people across the globe, child-birth is not always so simple.


Picture: Guardian
Picture: Guardian


Indeed this numerically named bairn, who was found lodged in a sewage pipe on Wednesday, his placenta still attached, joins an elite group of beings, whose births truly were ‘miracles’. One hundred and fifty years ago, Charles Kingsley wrote about ‘The Water Babies,’ today I write about ‘The Water Closet Babies,’- and who better to start with than Winston Churchill?


On 30th November 1874, Lady Randolph Churchill (nee Jennie Jerome), went into labour two months prematurely with the greatest prime minister of English history – in a bathroom of Blenheim House. As a ladies’ dance powered on below, a baby who would grow into the country’s leader, who would guide the nation through WWII, was born metres from a lavatory.



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