Now is Good

Occasionally when perambulating through the aisles of supermarkets, I am unwittingly drawn into the DVD section. Before I know it, I’ve got a handful of exciting new films and have completely forgotten about the asparagus and courgettes on my mother’s shopping list.

Saturday was one of those days. Silver Linings Playbook, Twilight Saga 4 Part 2 were must-haves. That was enough, I thought, two DVDs isn’t too bad. But then I caught a glimpse of the angelic face of Dakota Fanning – and a film that I hadn’t heard of before called, as this title suggests, Now is Good. Having been a long-term fan of Fanning (pun intended) since her appearance on Friends, specifically in Hide and Seek (2005) with Robert de Niro, I decided to work by the premise ‘three times a charm’ and plonked the film into my trolley.

The weekend was a busy blur, and between fitness classes and dining out with the grandparents, there wasn’t even enough time to remove the DVD’s plastic case. Last night, however, back in London, accompanied by the younger sister and both too tired to stay up until 10 p.m to tune into Made in Chelsea (oh come on, it’s addictive), we decided to watch Fanning’s new film.


Now is a good time to tell you, that then was not a good time to watch Now is Good – wow, there’s a tongue twister for you. Don’t get me wrong, Now is Good is a good film, but finding a good time to watch it…well that’s more difficult, for Now is Good doesn’t make you feel good, Now is Good makes you feel very, very sad. It makes you feel like this:

photo (1)

The film follows 17-year-old Tessa (Fanning), who has terminal cancer, ¬†in her final months as she tries to tick off her bucket list. Yes, I know, if the blurb told you that, what did you expect? I was expected to be moved, yes, but not to be distressed. Distressed, is putting it mildly – we were emotional wrecks. Wailing into sodden tissues, clinging to pillows as our rib cages ached from heaving sobs. It was as bad as Homeward Bound – you know, the ‘Peeeeteeeer, Shaaaadow’ bit. It was on a par with My Sister’s Keeper. I was so affected, that I had to go outside to gather my thoughts and get some fresh air.

river view

So a warning to all, if you, like me, fall victim to the endearing eyes of Dakota Fanning, which peer out beautifully from supermarket DVD aisles, BEWARE. This film is brilliant, but if you have an important meeting the next day, or indeed need to look your best, then save it for another time – it has been over 12 hours since I watched it and my eyelids are still puffy.




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