Polo in the Park

Going to the polo is apparently my new thing. I’ve been more times in the last month than in the past three years. Gaucho at the 02, Silver Leys and most recently Polo in the Park.

By recently, I mean very recently – I mean yesterday. Offered a complimentary ticket earlier in the week, I eagerly accepted and joined the forces of Sophie C, Tom C and Elliot D, for a day in the sunshine at Hurlingham.

IMG_2333The park was packed, and women dressed in their finest smocks swanned around from all angles. Long floaty dresses, short summer skirts, even a few fascinators flitted through our midst. In my jacket and jeans, I felt rather under dressed.

cary, el and aliceAfter stocking up on a jug of rum punch from the Mahiki tent, at a rather costly price of £40, we meandered through the crowds and blagged our way into the grand stand to watch the Sydney/Buenos Aires game.

grand standIMG_2340alice and cranThough we were rooting for Australia, we were still rather surprised when they won. I thought Argentina were unbeatable? Anyway, to celebrate our victory we bought a bottle of wine, a jug of Pimms and another bottle of wine. Sunshine, friends and alcohol made for a splendid afternoon…and before we knew it, the Polo was over and we were on our way out clubbing.

I’m not normally a fan of clubbing, but Kensington Roof Gardens proved my negative predisposition to nightclubs wrong. Not only did we bump into a crowd of fellow friends, but I also enjoyed the music, and completely out of character, the dancing. We had a whale of a time!



IMG_2409All in all, a fantastic day out. A new thing and a good thing, Polo and my summer will go hand in hand.


2 thoughts on “Polo in the Park

  1. I dont think you needed to feel under dressed, that is a very jazzy jacket!

    At least you actually watched the polo rather than just prancing around like some bloggers I can think of… excuse me while I try not to cough to much!

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