Return of the Flash Man

Do you remember me talking to you about Almond croissants? Well the protagonist of that tale, the one who had selfishly run off to Singapore, has finally returned! After 11 1/2 months, Flash is officially back.

His return coincided with his sister’s 21st birthday party, so last night Sophie C and I put on our glad rags and set off to North London; for both a party to remember and the long-awaited reunion.

And what a reunion it was:


“The Tripod”
cran and steelSophie C and Jamie S

alice adn flash 1Alice and Flash

a simmo and sophieBen S and Sophie E

anna and toriTori and Anna W

alice, soph and jenAlice, Sophie and Jen M

quinn, alice, greg, rudkinJonnie Q, Alice, Greg S, Henry R

elliot and skinnerElliot D and Joe S

jamie and louLou E and Jamie S

IMG_2592Edd S (having a party), Elliot D, Flash and Rob A

alice and flash 4WELCOME HOME FLASHER!


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