South of France Summer – 2

We’ve had some new additions. Three new additions to be precise – Tom M (not to be confused with the other Tom M – something which we seem to be struggling with ourselves) arrived on Monday night, and Richard K and Anna W arrived just a few hours ago.

The team will grow again tomorrow as Flash, Jamie S and Ben S arrive. However, less about what’s to come and more on what we’ve been up to since I last spoke to you, my readers.

On Monday night, before the arrival of a tired and sickly Tom M (2), the original four journeyed a la pied (by foot) to the local village Montauroux and to La Marina restaurant. Another supper out, and though not as artistically presented as the night before, the food was equally delicious, and there was, of course, the added bonus that we could drink…which made us all the merrier.


Elle and I shared this monster of a goat's cheese pizza
Elle and I shared this monster of a goat’s cheese pizza

alice and troubes


So that was Monday night, onto yesterday. Yesterday, Elle and I made a fantastic picnic and we all went to the local lake; Lac St Cassian, for the afternoon.  Using some pigeon French, I wrangled a deal for a pedalo and after making a pit stop for some much needed water, we clambered aboard and set sail (pedalled) across the rippling lake waves.

elle pedalo

alice pedaloThe boys, who have now taken to referring to themselves as the ‘lads’ – and have even invented a game called ‘lad ball’, decided to prove themselves and jump of the lake’s bridge; a sort of testosterone initiation if you will. Standing at 11 metres and filled with zooming cars and angry drivers, Elle and I opted out and stayed on our vessel. We needed to take photos after all…this was mine:

IMG_2800In the words of that youtube farmer, when shown this number “they did not look ‘appy”.

This didn’t deter them from making a ‘lads’ bbq – which was, not that I’ve told Tom M (2), was actually rather nice. Just look at this meat:

IMG_2807As our cavemen were mixing meat with fire, Elle and I tucked into the champagne that herself and Ed T had bought me to thank me for letting them stay.

champagneelle champagne And then made the most of a setting sun with a wee photo shoot.

alice and elle 2

Then man demanded woman to come and sit, and we tucked into a wonderful feast:

IMG_2880So far so good. Tonight we are heading out to Callian for supper after we sadly bid farewell to Tom M (1), who has to return to England.

Indeed, it is this farewell that I must leave you for now. Adieu mes amis, adieu.


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