South of France Summer – 6

alice twirl

And it’s all over. 15 days, 18 guests, and an oil drum’s worth of wine, Summer in the South of France 2013 is complete. Well, almost complete, yours truly is still here…alone. Not for long though, in a couple of hours I’ll collect my sister and have company once again.

It was quite an odd evening yesterday. After dropping Annie J, Tom H, Tom C and Pete S off at the airport, I hadn’t quite anticipated how different an empty abode would feel. Gone were the jubilant shouts from the beer pong table, gone was Simon ‘the dj’ N’s feminine playlists, gone was Tom C’s requests for talcum powder to help his “prickly heat,” and gone were Pete S’s trivial pursuit challenges, and I was no longer a hostess.

This did mean, however, that I had a longer and guilt-free stint on my laptop and was able to reminisce over the multifarious adventures of the past 15 days, and more importantly be able to decide which photos should be deleted, which should be censored and which are suitable for internet distribution…percentage wise there aren’t many, sadly, that fit into the last category, but fortunately even though only 25% of  the photos are fit for human visual consumption, that still means there are over 200 snaps to peruse.

These will probably be posted and shared on drop box, and I will save the best of the best for you here. Once I’ve had a bit of fun editing on Pic Monkey – until then…



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