Henley Regatta

The ultra-chic granny, dressed in all her finery; pearls shimmering, sapphires sparkling, takes a sip of her flute of Bollinger, and then looks curiously at her equally glamorous companion, “Really? I never knew Henley was actually on the river.”

So the tale goes. And I have to say that yesterday, apart from walking over it, I saw as much of the river as this folk-law grandmother. I saw a few rowers, don’t get me wrong, and that, well that was very nice indeed. Swimming, rowing, and water sports in general, tend to work nicely with the male physique, or rather create a very nice male physique. Burly shoulders, strong cores and all so tall…one can’t complain.

Once I’d trotted past these fine specimens, who made the sweltering day feel even hotter (there wasn’t the breeze of France), I meandered down the tow path, along with what felt like half of London, in search of the Champagne and Cocktail Club. Just past the Veuve Cliquot tent I found it (and past the overcrowded Mahiki tent). I was initially intending to have a glass or two of the aforementioned before heading back to watch some races…but then, I made it to the tent, and well would you leave?


It was just so comfy and cool…and even though it looks it, it isn’t VIP, anyone can go in free before 6pm!

There was also the delicious and wide-ranging beverage menu, which I decided would have been rude not to test it out…

Sponsored by the award-winning Chase Vodka, the drinks slipped down exceptionally easily. The difference between vodkas had never been so apparent to me…quality vodka is like a different spirit. If only I’d had the money at University, not only would it have tasted better, but it would have prevented so many Glen’s-induced hangovers…

chase vodkaVodka, Champagne, music, cocktails and brilliant company drove the afternoon well into the evening…In fact, I had such a great time that I don’t feel guilty about missing the races, after all there’s always next year, and after yesterday’s experience courtesy of the Champagne and Cocktail Club, I will most definitely be returning.

Henley outfit (thanks sister)
Henley outfit (thanks sister)
The watering can - a £60 must!
The watering can – a £60 must!
The fantastic company
The fantastic company




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