Yes, thank you BBC, the second time it’s worked! A come back of a crime solver extraordinaire that hasn’t left your audience seething.After the disaster that was Jonathan Creek, Sherlock has returned to our screens (repeats that I haven’t seen), and his socially inept brilliance is as wonderful as ever.

What better way to spend your Friday night and celebrate completing your first week at work unscathed, than to sit down with a large glass of Sancerre and slink away with Benedict Cumberbatch for an hour and a half? Not a lot.

And no, I’m not one of these so-called “Cumberbitches” who are amassing around the globe – who practically wet themselves with excitement this morning when their leader posted a ‘Harlem Shake with fingers’ on Youtube – no, I’m just an Arthur Conan Doyle fan, who appreciates the BBC’s innovative and intricate modernisation of the author’s most famous works.

This contemporary update on Conan Doyle’s stories was first broadcast on July 25th 2010 and there were – as I hear there are to be with this series – just three episodes. But you know what they say; quality not quantity. And there is no doubt of the quality, both in acting and production, of these programmes.

Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, who play Sherlock Holmes and John Watson respectively, are absolutely fantastic. Watson’s blogging and his delight at checking his stats are a joy to watch (and for bloggers easy to relate to). Projecting Holmes’s deductions so they pop up in words, or numbers and float around the screen, is executed perfectly. We are drawn into the workings of this mastermind’s brain, given the chance to follow his formula, but still left at a loss. Except perhaps the Christmas present scene, which didn’t need a slither of Sherlock’s IQ to work out.

The plot was elusive, the outline unclear, but as viewers we still felt secure, for all we really need is Sherlock and a case – then we can just sit back, relax and enjoy the cerebral ride. You can’t help but be absorbed by this high-cheek-boned, sharp-tongued detective; he’s just so clever, so tall, so devilishly uncharming…oh dear, perhaps I am becoming a Cumberbitch after all.

And after watching this trailer – I challenge you not to be too!


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