Blogging: An Insatiable Addiction

I’m getting annoyed.  The Audley Chronicle started out as an online portfolio of my work, which was constructed as a means to an end: blog to get a job in journalism (that’s what they told me at my post grad).

They were right. What they told me worked. I got the dream job in journalism and achieved my lifelong ambition of getting in print at the Daily Telegraph.  But, here’s the big but, they did not warn me that spending a year blogging could, and most probably would, make an addict of me. Blogging is like a drug – you get withdrawal when you can’t have it. Due to work, my time here is nigh non-existent at the moment, but don’t see that as a good thing, a success story, for my god I miss it. The ingenious road to journalism had a side effect – before I’d got there, I’d turned into a blogger. I love blogging – and not to get somewhere, but blogging for the sake of blogging.

The Audley Chronicle, as well as a currently unsatisfied addiction,  is also my hobby; a place for my literary doodles to sit, for experimentation, for comedy, fun, pictures, life. Yes, an online life, but a life nonetheless. And now this life is dwindling…I hate not being able to write here everyday, or every other day, I miss it. Alas time is waving its little clock hands at me…and I must be off. But hey, that withdrawal is slightly quenched…and before long I hope to be back here more often…

Eddie tired of not being on the blog...
Eddie tired of not being on the blog…

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