“The rule you must follow,” my colleague said vehemently, “is never to read below the line.”

She was referring to that little space between the end of your article and the comment box. That line where, if you keep above, you are blissfully ignorant of what lurks below. But alas, I’ve always been curious. A ‘don’t touch the hot plate – and I touch it’ kind of girl. So I didn’t listen to the wise words and my gaze dropped below the line…the dreaded line, the vile pit of evilness, the hurtful chasm of crassness…

It’s an occupational hazard, trolling. Just like here in the blogosphere, in the newspaper world the veil of anonymity brings out the worst of humanity. Well the online newspaper world, oh to work in the bygone era of paper, where ink and tree in harmony be.

Anyway, here is the article in question…written about this new breed of phone etiquette. Girlfriends when they are WITH their boyfriends by the phone (not busy) and they get the boyfriend to pick up. Not when the boyfriend is doing a favour, taking a message. This seems to be most of the trolls misconception.

So I pass you over to the article. Feast your eyes on the mean words of strangers…no filter.


Peacocking much? When did boyfriends picking up their girlfriends’ phones become OK?

A new trend of women letting their boyfriends pick up their phone to their friends has left Alice Audley far from entertained. Is she the only one?

When did the phenomenon of relationship peacocking become the norm?

When did the phenomenon of relationship peacocking become the norm?


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