My birthday: one year older


I know that people usually leave their social profiles alone on their birthdays and wait until the next day to respectfully pay their thanks to their well-wishers.

But, I just wanted to say, ‘Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me’. No, not actually.

What I really wanted to address is the fact that, post 25, birthdays wishes when given in person usually come with a sort of grimace and the accompanying type of comment: ‘Ooh, another year older, ooh you’re nearly 30!’ Like it’s some sort of bad thing.

Well, I’m here on what is my 28th birthday (or as my father prefers to call it ‘the day of decimalisation’) to say unapologetically that I like getting older. More than that, I’m actually – shock horror – looking forward to turning 30 and my 30s. That’s all!

Oh, actually, one more thing –> as it’s my birthday, if you’d like to subscribe to my magazine ( that would be fab! You know me, never one to miss a marketing opportunity. 😉😉😉


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