Monkey Temple – Jaipur

And then…

“Run!” I screamed to Sophie as a huge-nippled beast clawed at my head. “Run!” I yelped as a troop of them gathered force and chased me up the hill, shrieking wildly.

The mother jumped on my head again and ripped at my hair, ‘Help!’ ‘Help!’ Managing to shake her loose, I sprinted but to no avail, they were faster, there were more of them…all I had going was that I was bigger. It was flight or fight.

I whipped around and stamped my feet aggressively, I was ready to fight.  I edged forwards whilst cracking my feet down onto the stone path with all my might and picked up some rocks. Throwing one down hard – the army quickly dispersed and my heart-rate began to regain regularity – despite the healthy dose of adrenalin that was still pulsating through my body.

A quick break and reflection now – many of you may be wondering where was Tom? Where was the 6ft 1, well-built twenty-three year old? That Tom, where was he during the attack? He, he had without a second thought deserted me and pegged it up the hill to safety. Bastard. And Arash, ‘Small, sweet monkeys’, small, sweet monkey’s my arse: number one they weren’t small and number two; sweet? They were like the evil monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. Sweet? They were vicious, malicious and fricking frightening.

Making it to the top, with a considerable loss of hair the attack was made tolerable – for the view was incredible. Jaipur sprawled beneath us and the old and the new that seemed so incongruous on street level now looked like a quirky painting. That was of course, after I had reprimanded Tom for being such a ‘pussoire.’

We stayed up there as the sun sank, Sophie got a Heena from a local lady and I managed to have a photo with a child without it wailing!

It was with hands filled with stones that we descended the hill, throwing them spontaneously we managed to avoid a further attack. Back to Arash and back to Hotel Pearl Palace. Exhausted we had some lassis (the first since Pushkar) and retired to our room to pack. We had finished our tour of Rajasthan and tomorrow would be a six am start…next on the list was Uttar Pradesh & Uttaranchal…. Agra.